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Justin Blackburn is a poet for the Awakening of Human Consciousness.  A lot like life Blackburn’s poetry is sometimes uplifting, sometimes hilarious, sometimes romantic, sometimes fearlessly confronting the buried feelings of the human condition, but always worthy of appreciation and open to teaching and learning.  Blackburn has had five poetry books published, performed these poems all over, and even won Poet of the Year by Beat Magazine.  Currently Blackburn is a member of the Greenville, SC Slam Team and has been touring at various venues/bookshops behind his latest collection of poetry, Child Be Wild, published by Inner Child Press.      

2007 Beat Magazine Poet Of The Year

2009 Blackburn’s second collection of poetry Farting Fire published by Virgogray Press, sold the most copies in the history of the press.

2010 Blackburn was a member of the poetry group New Danger.  They toured colleges,

high schools, and middle schools performing poems and giving workshops.

2011 his poem Before I Opened Myself To Love won the Dripping Silence Poetry Contest.

2011 Blackburn won the Club 100 poetry slam.

Blackburn has had hundreds of poems published through the literary world in magazines, literary journals, zines, anthologies, blogs, walls, etc. including 11:11, SemanticsLeft Behind Literary JournalSpeed PoetsOpen Mind’s QuarterlyDecantoAngel VoicesFissure Magazine, A &U’s America AIDS Magazine etc

Blackburn is a featured performer who has had featured performances at some of the top Poetry Venues in the country.  He has featured for Wit’s EndBlack On Black RhymeCometry, and M.A.D Studios etc. In 2009 Blackburn was one of three poets chosen to perform at the River Center For The Performing Arts for the Georgia State Poetry Society Festival.

The Indie band Coma Cinema converted Blackburn’s poems into song lyrics for their critically acclaimed album Baby Prayers.  Coma Cinema invited Blackburn on the road to perform and tour with them.

Justin Blackburn knows his accolades do not make his existence less of a cage and prefers to show his depth and inspiration through being true to himself.  He greatly appreciates everything he has been through and everything he is currently manifesting

 If you are looking for a convoluted truth, there is no need to turn here, for within Justin Blackburn’ is only the truth of a poet whose heart is pure and unafraid to get in your face with flowers, light, love, hugs, kisses, and so much more. Michael Aaron Casares Author of This Reality of Man